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Short marketing interviews from companies via video conferencing! $50+/1hour Pays well!

YOUHUB helps companies conduct surveys. Just respond to simple interviews by companies via video conferencing and earn about $50+/hour. Great pay!

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How to Use YOUHUB

Step 1

First, use your Facebook account to register at YOUHUB. All you do is submit a simple profile taking only 1 minute.


Step 2

Complete the preliminary questionnaire, then apply for the interview. If your preliminary questionnaire gets you selected, you can respond to the interview and get paid well.


Step 3

Accept the interview via video chat. Use your personal computer at home to respond to a video chat interview for about an hour. No special preparation is needed.


Step 4

Get your payment. After completing the interview, you can receive payment from the interviewing company.


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Sample interviews in the past:

Opinion survey on alcohol drinks

  • Maximum interviewees: 6
  • Payment: $70
  • Time required: 1 hour

Opinion survey on consumer goods

  • Maximum interviewees: 5
  • Payment: $60
  • Time required: 1 hour

Opinion survey on restaurants

  • Maximum interviewees: 4
  • Payment: $50
  • Time required: 45 min.

Opinion survey on taxis

  • Maximum interviewees: 6
  • Payment: $40
  • Time required: 40 min.


What kind of interviews are they?

The interviews are really easy. There is a variety of questions such as about the product, advertising, etc. You can just answer honestly with your opinions.

Do I need to prepare for the interview?

Not really. Just set your personal computer for video chatting and respond to the interview.

What kind of companies usually conduct the interviews?

Most of them are listed on a stock exchange or are major companies. So you can trust them.

Can I use my cell phone to respond to interviews?

You cannot use your cell phone. You must use a personal computer.

How is it possible to receive such a high payment?

It is because many companies think it is important to receive consumers' opinions about their new products.

What kind of company is YOUHUB?

YOUHUB is a company that helps major companies conduct marketing surveys. Our clientele includes many famous companies in Japan and overseas.

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